Priser og vilkår

Alminnelige timepriser


Våre timepriser ligger mellom kr.1.020,- og 2.000,- eks.mva. Timeprisen avhenger av oppdragets art og avtales før oppdraget inngås. Det utarbeides en oppdragsbekreftelse fra oss ved sakens oppstart, der arbeidets omfang og prisvilkår avtales.

I en del sakstyper kan advokatbistanden dekkes av fri rettshjelp eller rettshjelpsforsikring. Dette bistår vi deg kostnadsfritt med å avklare. Det utarbeides normalt en oppdragsbekreftelse fra oss ved sakens oppstart, der arbeidets omfang og prisvilkår fremgår.

Forsikringsdekning av advokatkostnader

I mange sivile tvister vil advokatkostnader kunne dekkes ved rettshjelpsbestemmelser under villa- eller innboforsikringen. Organisasjoner, lag og foreninger har også ofte slik dekning som en del av medlemsfordelene.

Ta kontakt med oss, så kan vi hjelpe deg med å avklare om du har rett til forsikringsdekning av advokatkostnadene i din sak.

Fri rettshjelp

På en rekke saksområder dekkes advokatbistand av det offentliges ordning med fri rettshjelp. For noen saksområder innvilges fri rettshjelp uavhengig av inntekt eller formue, mens på andre områder er det et vilkår at man har inntekt og formue under visse grenser som er fastsatt av staten.

Ta kontakt med oss, så kan vi hjelpe deg med å avklare om du har rett til fri rettshjelp i din sak.


I de aller fleste straffesaker har tiltalte krav på at det offentlige dekker kostnadene til forsvarer. Dette gjelder alltid ved varetektsfengsling og i de aller fleste saker etter at det er tatt ut tiltale for retten. Mens en sak er under etterforskning har siktede noen ganger rett til å få advokatbistand dekket av staten.

When can I get my cookies?

Our next delivery/shipping dates are listed at the top of the homepage. For delivery we provide no-contact delivery to your door on the delivery date you ordered for. For shipping, they ship out first thing on the morning of your shipping date (tracking included) and typically arrive to you in 1-3 business days. No matter what please be sure to bring your cookies inside promptly so animals or neighbors don't get into them!

Why do I have to order so far in advance?

Due to the time and quantity of the ingredients to make our mammouth cookies we are not able to fulfill on-demand orders. At this time we can only accept pre-orders for our cookies. So you do have to wait a little bit before your freshly baked order is ready to be sent to you - but they're worth the weight! Once we get baking we make all of our cookies at once in one large baking frenzy. Whether you choose delivery or shipping the cookies are out the door and on their way to you within 24 hours of baking.

Do you make smaller cookies?

Where's the fun in a smaller cookie, when you can get a half-pound cookie. . .

Can I come pick them up?

At this time we can't accomodate order pick-ups but we may in the future, so check back. Currently we offer local delivery in Montgomery County, MD and shipping throughout Maryland.

Can you accomodate special requests?

We are happy to try. Please email us at or submit your question below in the Contact Us form.

Can you ship them outside of Maryland?

We are a Maryland Cottage Industry Home Bakery and are therefore only lawfully able to ship and sell within Maryland.

How will I know when pre-orders are available?

You can follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our email list to be the first to know when we will be accepting our next pre-orders.

Can I send these as a gift? Can I add a gift message?

Yes! These cookies make the perfect unique and delicious gift (especially the two cookie surprise box) for a friend, family member, coworker, whomever! As long as they're located in Maryland you can send these as a gift. Please write in the notes section during checkout to indicate the order is a gift and include whatever gift message you would like to send as well. You can also reply back to our confirmation email to provide gift information at least 48 hours before shipping or delivery. We will take out payment information in the packing slip and include your gift message as well.

Can you accomodate food allergies?

All of our cookies are made in our home bakery on the same equipment. Our cookies contain or may contain milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy. Given that, we cannot make guarantees that any cookies are safe for those with certain food allergies. Ingredients and allergens are listed on each cookie package.

I live in an apartment or condo, can you still deliver?

Please include specific delivery instructions such as a code or means to enter your building, where to leave your order, etc. However you typically receive takeout deliveries please provide the same information/instructions to us. If you choose shipping, the cookies will be shipped in a box and you will receive them in the mail the same way you would receive all other packages.

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